Meet Bentley and Bella, two of Jason and I’s Yorkies.

Today Bentley and Bella’s incessant barking notified us that our palm tree is flowering a branch of sperm, or something like that, as this is a yearly ritual for them. Their barking and tail wagging brings us so much joy and we couldn’t help but share this moment.

Yes, we really are easily amused.

Stay with me…

As the dogs go crazy over this flowering branch on the palm tree, I can’t help but parallel their excitement to the journey to success.

When the taste of success is near, we get excited.

Our tails wag and we relentlessly get after it.

But the funny thing is, when I held Bentley up so that he could get a closer look at the branch, he sniffed at it little and seemed disappointed.

For Bentley, and many of us, there’s more fun in the anticipation, the arriving, then the actual event.

Enjoy the journey. Because that moment you’re waiting for is now.

Peace. Love. Real estate.

Jason and Kala