Recent research indicates you have about 3 seconds to make a great first impression. In these 3 seconds, your body language and demeanor will either make a great first impression, or leave you looking like a jerk. I’m passionately curious about what happens in these 3 seconds that dictates someone’s first impression. So I spent a good deal of time researching body language and scientific data about first impressions.

After watching Amy Cuddy give a killer TED talk about how your body language shapes your life, I was completely inspired to make a video passing along what I’ve learned. And, I decided to reach out to a couple agent partners of mine, Camille Kooi and Allison Brague both of whom are experts at making great first impressions,  to create this video of 3 tips to make a great first impression! These tips are practical, easy and FREE!

Use them and I guarantee you’ll make great first impressions!