How to make faster decisionsIf you want to dominate in life you need to start making quicker decisions.

Yes that is prose, but we overthink things. Take for example a typical restaurant outing. Most people can’t even decide what they want to eat from a dinner menu in under 5 minutes. This intense over-analysis is crippling and before you know it, you’re up in your head, thinking of all the things that could go wrong, even though you have no real basis or truth that would suggest otherwise. Or in the case of ordering food at a restaurant, you’re likely weighing the odds of whether your fellow patron will order something better than you and if you’ll end up regretting your enchilada when you see someone else’s chimichanga.

So here’s 5 ways to make faster decisions:

1. Decide you want to make decisions quickly. I call this the awareness over your weak decision making muscle. Once you have awareness, you can change behavior.

2. Reduce time making small decisions. This is one of the main reasons I wear my JK shirt and jeans almost every single day. The less time I spend on debating what to wear, the more mental space I have for making decisions that will have a true impact on life. For things like what to wear, what restaurant you want to go, where to get groceries…go with your gut and resist the urge to think of option A, B and C.

3. Remember indecision is a decision. This one is powerful, so Imma let you marinate on it for a sec.

4. Act now. Your freedom to make decisions lies only in this moment. If you procrastinate a decision, go back to number 3 and reflect.

5. Practice. The quicker you get at making decisions, the better you’ll be.

I’m not going to overthink how I end this blog and have it end up as a draft, never to be finished. I’m just gonna decide to end this on a challenge: before you click off this and move on to another, probably much more entertaining form of social consumption, think of a decision that’s been weighing on you, only 1, and make it!

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Peace. Love. Real Estate.