Sitting in the parking lot at Target, my hands are sweaty and I tell myself, “Kala, you’ve got this, just go in, get what you need, get right out…30 minutes tops…you’ve got this” and begrudgingly go into the store.  The shopping experience was going well, the store was fairly quiet so the scene I stumbled upon made my very anxious and angry. Dad was yelling at his daughter for knocking a box of crackers off the shelf, in such a condescending and belittling man. You seriously would have thought she knocked down an entire display the way he was hauling off on her. And she didn’t even cry! I was almost teared up, so I couldn’t image what she was feeling. On another isle, we crossed paths again and I just looked at that sweet girl, stared in her eyes, and with a warm smile said, “Hello there.”  As I walked away, I showered that little girl with prayers, for her life to be blessed and for ours to cross in the future. Once I was able to connect with her and pray for her, my anxiety went away.  And, that’s the secret to living a life with high anxiety, service to others.


Anxiety has beeAnxiety is lonelyn a struggle for me since I was in junior high.  I was a 13 year old girl with boobs like Pamela Anderson and all the boys made fun of me.  By high school, I was struggling with friendships because I wouldn’t put myself out there and try to make relationships.  My junior year in high school I spent the majority of the year eating my lunch in the bathroom because that’s the only place I could be alone.  Having anxiety can be very lonely. I continued to struggle with anxiety my entire adult life.  Having children only intensified this anxiety. I’m surprised I let my son out of the house, I was so paranoid and anxious about him getting sick and drowning and other crazy, completely irrational, thoughts.



During a 5 year successful business venture, I struggled with anxiety so bad at times, and

JK firewalkersstill went on to make over 5 million dollars in 5 years.  It wasn’t easy. Every day was a struggle and I knew my quality of life suffered. I tried celexa, zoloft and paxil, but nothing seemed to help. The past 2 years I studied behavior psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, started using IsaGenix,  practiced yoga, run and hike.  I went to a Tony Robbins event that was so amazing that this fall I’m taking my whole company  to UPW, which is Tony Robbin’s starship event! Imaging  being in a room of 5000 positive, motivated, happy people and having fun, listening to an icon talk and being surrounded by such amazing energy! Plus there’s a 25 ft firewalk. Completing that itself is life changing.  Here’s my crew at Tony Robbins after the firewall and during the photo on the bottom is us having a good time at the event!

Guess Having funI wanted to let you know that if you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, there is hope.  Serve yourself first. Once you’ve done that, then serve others.  And in little ways, too; when you order your coffee at Starbucks, look at the barista and give her a warm smile, thank her for being there for you and making your coffee.  My life’s quest is to continually thank and bless other people around me. I’m living on purpose and when the anxiety rears its ugly head, I tell it to back the hell up, bitch!


Do you struggle with anxiety in your sales career? I can help.  Let’s connect.