JK Vibes 11/21/16 – Thank YOU for being at JK

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Here's a recap of our JK Vibes for the week of November 21, 2016 If a leader hides under a rock, the people will hide under mountains. At JK we believe in immersive business training. What does that mean? That means we go in the trenches with you to learn and grow. It was a pleasure door [...]

How Successful People Think

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  Ever wondered how successful people think? Study after study has confirmed that successful people think, act and see the world differently. Early on in my real estate career, I realized I think differently from many people and have always had unprecedented success with any endeavor I'm passionate about. While there were many areas of improvement, I'm [...]

Monday Motivation 4-16-16

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My heart is so full. I have the privilege of leading a group of agents that are amazing! Today on my Monday Motivation, I'm dishing up some special shoutouts to my peeps: Robert Habeeb (www.roberthabeeb.com) and his wife Stephanie are one of a kind! They're a recent recruit to JK from another company. Not only is Robert a top [...]

Gilbert Arizona Real Estate Market Update

By | April 16th, 2016|Market Updates Videos|

This funny Gilbert, Arizona real estate market update was made by a millennial owned, innovative and tech saavy brand. That would be us, Jason and Kala, owners of JK Realty.  We are leading our tribe of JKers to push the marketing limits outside of the traditional realm. Our slogans are controversial as in, "Legally Selling Joints" and "High End Real Estate [...]

Palapa Talk [Video] Meet Bentley and Bella

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Meet Bentley and Bella, two of Jason and I's Yorkies. Today Bentley and Bella's incessant barking notified us that our palm tree is flowering a branch of sperm, or something like that, as this is a yearly ritual for them. Their barking and tail wagging brings us so much joy and we couldn't help but share this moment. Yes, [...]

Does it matter what you look like?

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I'm about to do something pretty uncomfortable. Which is good because whenever I feel uncomfortable, I'm growing like a weed. So cheers to growing, but the discomfort is still there...mild albeit there. And the reason is because I think people are going to judge me for how I look. I've had my fair share of criticism for my [...]

8 things to do BEFORE you pull comps on a home

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There are several phases to completing a market analysis on a home. The first phase is where you are passionately curious about the home and haven't seen it. Here are 8 things you need to do before you pull comps on a home and before you go on a listing presentation...  1) Ask your escrow partner to pull a quick title search. You [...]

GodZillow isn’t all powerful

By | August 21st, 2015|Uncategorized|

You’re on a listing appointment, feeling at ease because of your awesome presentation. You explain agency and hand over a blank disclosure statement. You go over your marketing plan and everyone seems excited, even the husband is starting to loosen up. Then, when you’re ready to start looking at comps, you ask the sellers, “Mr [...]

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