If you’ve been wanting to create a blog but you think…

I’m not techy…or

it’s expensive…or

it’s too complicated…

Then I’ve got some good news for you. You can create a free blog with Google’s Blogger in about 3 minutes, with very little technical skills required. Plus, I’m going to walk you through the process step by step.

Here’s how to create a free blog in Blogger…

If you don’t already have a gmail account, create a free one.

While logged into your gmail, click on the Google Apps icon, it’s the icon comprised of 3 rows of 3 teeny squares, as shown below.

Google Apps button

You have to scroll down and click “More” and scroll again until you see the text “Even more from Google”, click on that hyperlinked text.

You will now be in the Google Products page, where there are several categories of applications. Scroll down until almost the bottom of the page, until you’re in the “Social” category, as shown on the image below.


Find the Blogger icon and click on that.

At this point, depending on if you already have a profile set up, you may have to reenter your email address and password and finish setting up your profile. Complete that, if prompted.

Now you should be in the Blogger platform, pictured below.

Blogger platform

Click “New Blog”  on the left side, like so:

New Blog

A new window will appear, then type in the name of your blog in the “Title”

Your free blog in 3 minutes

In the “Address”, pick what you want your name to be, choose what “Template” you’d like and Voila!, you are now free to blog to your heart’s content.

Keep shining and fill the world with your special splash! 🙂