Jason and I were summoned to Define Yourself Tumble and Cheer Gym by our dear agent partners, Terra McCormick and Lee Pasko.  Terra mentioned that the ownership was amazing and believed how we believe at JK. Making a positive impact on people’s lives.

As we drove up, I was so excited to see a VW Bus, painted in vintage orange with 70s style decals. Everything about it was very cool and I knew that Define Yourself Tumble and Cheer Gym were my tribe.

The moment we met Trey and Jenna Colburn, we fell in love. This couple is dedicating their lives to making a positive impact in the lives of so many youths, through Define Yourself Tumble and Cheery Gym.  Their love for each-other, adorable family, and mission to change the world makes them such an inspiration to me as I’m fascinated by who they are and what they do. If you want to contact Trey and Jenna, click here.

This video is our behind the scenes and the review comes out tomorrow.

Terra, thank you for making this a reality!

Peace. Love. Real Estate.

Jason and Kala