Snapchat launches a social mapping tool today called Snap Map.

The Snap Map feature in today’s update allows you to see your friends location and share yours with them, in real time. Here’s my current map view.

In Snapchat fashion, this stalkerish new feature is loads of fun as it displays your friend’s bitmoji standing on the map. The accuracy is within feet. Zoom in further and you can see the actual aerial view of your friends location. And, as you zoom out and scan the map, notice the collection of mass snapping in a particular area…plotted like some sort of disease outbreak. Very cool.

Here’s how to enable Snap Map in your Snapchat app.

  1. If the Snapchat app is open on your phone, close it.
  2. Update you Snapchat app.
  3. Open Snapchat.
  4. From your Snapchat camera, pinch to zoom out (I had to do this a few times before my Snap Map appeared).
  5. When your Snap Map appears you’ll be prompted to confirm whether you want to share your location or stay in Ghost Mode. You can also choose to share your location with all your friends or just specific ones.

Snapchat is paving the way for some serious monetization with this new Snap Map feature and it’s acquisition earlier this month of Placed, a company that helps advertisers track foot traffic, for an estimated $200 million.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting to see if Taco Bell will bring back the taco filter.

Happy Snapping!

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