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The theme that keeps showing up today is it’s never about the resources, always about the resourcefulness. We start off with our conversation with Tonie, who is going to take over the commercial real estate gig!

Special shoutouts to Natasha Reddinger and Tiffany Pulido…I issued a challenge that if you’d like to have extra support from me to keep you accountable, text me every Thursday at 1PM with your committments for the past week, and if you kept them; also, committments for the following week.

Gilbert Fire Department provides a squirrel moment for us as we head outside to see what the firefighter on the crane is doing.

What’s going on at JK this week!

First, wanted to say THANK YOU to Jacinda for teaching a new build class for us at JK yesterday. We appreciate your contribution to the group.

What is going on this week:

Monday-Friday Grinders
Tuesday, 2/21 at 10 – Inception
Tuesday, 2/21 at 11 – JK Cribs Tours
Wednesday, 2/22 at 10am – Agent on-boarding followed by headshots and door knocking
Friday, 2/24 at 10am – Skyslope training

Congrats on your New Listings:
Hector Salvador X2
Shana Will
Jimmy Bryant
Elizabeth Mankin
Tiffany Pulido
Nicole Schubert
Angela Tucci
Jenell Meyer
Jean and Jamie
KP Elite
Wanda Mentzer
Allison Brague
Jody Thyfault
Michelle Cornelius

Good job on your New Escrows:
Mike Brown
Sarah Scarpone
Will Craig
Kelly Brennan
Rachelle Heinzen X2
Kelly Khalil
Renee Montgomery X2
Jason Ralston
Katie Taylor
jenell Meyer
Meme Whitson
RJ Cushing
Nick Lammers
Vanessa Kean
Tonia and Clay Rausbeck
Adam Leach
Carol Cintas
Elizabeth Mankin
KP Elite
Chris Allen
Jennifer Vandall
Joshua Vela
Jason Ralston
Tom Aulman
Angela Clevenger
Shana Will
Austin and Lynn Goodale
Amber Black
Sunny Rostami
Kat Carson
Christine Hawley
Tiffany Pulido
Nicole Schubert
Stephanie Mainville
Jimmy Bryant
Elizabeth Hammer
KP Elite
Tonie Demarino
Wendy Macica
Jody Thyfault

Peace. Love. Real estate.