JK Live Vibes coming at you from Jason and Kala Laos with JK Realty. We are using the DJI Phantom to get you this live video from the drone.

We’re sharing this week’s vibes with you, starting with what is going on at JK:

Tuesday 9/20 at 10am – Inception
Tuesday 9/20 at 12 – Boomtown U: Lead Generation
Tuesday 9/20 at 1: Sesh 4 of Condensed Real Estate Training
Wednesday 9/21 at 10 – Agent On Boarding
Wednesday 9/21 at 11 – Facebook Ads Class
Wednesday 9/21 at 11- JK Door knocking
Thursday 9/22 at 10 – Cromford Report
Friday 9/23 at 10 – Skyslope Training

Shoutouts for the new listings:

Jason Todd
Amber Black
Angela Clevenger
Tonie Demarino
Bridget Teague
Kat Carson X2
Tonia and Clay
Julie Pentico
Leslie Wright

Congrats to the following on your new escrows:
Deb Lord
Leslie Wright
Chuck Malone
Lisa Doudy
Tiffany Pulido X2
Karen Sofie
Ron Lombardino
Angela Clevenger
Vanessa Kean
Elizabeth Hammer
Lynn and Austin Goodale X2
Shawna Reeves
Jessica Vinette
Terra and Lee X2
Matt Novak
Keith and Pete
Jean Derusha
Rhonda Wren
Jen Gould
Alex Carranza
RJ Cushing
Camille Kooi
Kat Carson
Tim Laos
Randi Enger

Have a fantastic week and go crush it!