Part one

JK Vibes coming at you from the Penthouse this morning. Here’s our week in recap:

Are you looking to take your business to an entirely new level? If so, there’s 3 Ps that I think you need to master in order to do so:

  1. Purpose: why do you sell real estate? If you answered to make money, you may want to rethink your decision. Money is a result my friends, it’s not a purpose. What is that the money will bring you? Are you passionate about rescuing pit bulls like our lovely agent Lindsey Blazevich? Her purpose is to save shelter pit bulls from euthanasia and help relocate them to loving homes. It’s a solid reason and pulls her forward. Selling real estate becomes her vehicle to help!
  2. Passion: passion is always in fashion. Are you excited to help buyers and sellers with their real estate needs? Do you jump outta bed in the morning eager to start a new day and find more clients in need of your fabulous service? If you’re not passion about this amazing opportunity we have at hand — helping people with what is usually the single largest purchase of their life — then step aside and let someone do the job! It’s a priviledge we get to do what we do.
  3. Persistence: a river cuts through rock not by its power, but by persistence. Truth. Keep going. And as one of our fellow persistent and knowledgable JKers Chris Eppich once advised: If you want to quit real estate, only do it on a day you sell a home.

WIGO this week at JK:

Monday 1/9 at 10 am – Canva Class with Alexa
Monday 1/9 at 11am – Writing with Will ( Contract Writing class)
Tuesday 1/10 at 10 – Inception followed by JK Cribs Tour
Wednesday 1/11 at 10 – Agent on-boarding followed by headshots and door knocking
Thursday 1/12 at 10 – JK Power Hour and 2016 Award Ceremony
Friday 1/13 at 10 – Skyslope Training

Part two – because our first FB was interrupted.

Congrats on your new listings:

Tonie DeMarino X2
Zack Wilson
Casey Galloway
Lindsey Blazevich X2
Tonia and Clay Rausbeck

Good job on your new escrows:

Tiffany Pulido
Nick Spohn X2
MeMe Whitson
Cat Goldman
KP Elite X2
Jessica Vinette
Lindsey Blazevich
Tonia and Clay Rausbeck
Lisa Doudy
Angela Clevenger
Jenn Gould X2
Zack Wilson
John Seelye

Hope to see you at Thursday’s Power Hour and Award Presentation!

Peace. Love. Real estate.