Here’s a recap of our JK Vibes for the week of November 21, 2016

If a leader hides under a rock, the people will hide under mountains.

At JK we believe in immersive business training. What does that mean? That means we go in the trenches with you to learn and grow.

It was a pleasure door knocking with you Bailey, Rachelle, Cynthia and Wendy. Congrats Wendy for connecting with the courier in JK’s lobby just prior to door knocking.

Thank you to everyone that attended Momentum last week. We did an autopsy on your business and reviewed where you’re at with accomplishing your 2016 goals. We also wrote out your commitments for 2017. I was very excited to see you all adding family, health and personal goals to your list! Woohoo! We also discussed what you need to do to get you where you want to be and also we identified what’s going to get in the way.  We’re going to post the written analysis of the meeting in our Momentum Group this afternoon and use going forward in the group.

WIGO at JK this week

  • Monday 11/21 at 11am – Pop pie party
  • Tuesday 11/22 at 10am – Inception
  • Tuesday 11/22 at 2 pm – Christmas video table read and rehearsal
  • Thursday and Friday – The JK Penthouse is closed and we hope you and the JK Dream Team enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family.

One of the key takeaways from our brand discovery was that our culture is kind. Nearly 70 % of respondents said that the kindness within our organization is what they love most about JK. Keep it up peeps…it’s an honorable space to work and live in.

Our JK Vibes wouldn’t be nearly as cool without massive shoutouts to our amazing peeps…so here goes:

Congrats on your new listings:

Allison Brague
Christine Hawley
Greg Wolfe
Renee Montgomery X2
Sunny Rostami
Ann Miller

Good job on the new escrows:

Jennifer Gould
Kat Carson
Sunny Rostami
Jean Kiplinger and Jamie Jones – J2
KP Elite Team
Theresa Young
Terra Mccormick
Sue Frost
Randi Enger
Tanya Grantham
Jim Walsh
Lynn Goodale and Austin Goodale
Camille Kooi
Sunny Rostami
Arron Carson
Al Marquise

Jason and I are so thankful for you! We know you have a choice when it comes to doing real estate business and we thank you for doing your business at JK.

See ya next Monday on our JK Vibes!

Peace. Love. Real estate.