Here’s our JK Vibes for the week of February 6, 2017:

Angela Tucci joins us to explain what’s on the horizon at JK. Grinders is starting next Monday, so be sure to come and get your learn on. Ideal for new agents starting out and those that are looking for a reset button. Her advice to you is DO THE WORK!

It’s a jam packed week at the Penthouse! There’s a lot going on and we’re excited to see you at the following:

Tuesday, 2/7 at 10 – Inception
Tuesday, 2/7 at 11 – JK Cribs tour
Tuesday, 2/7 at 6:30 pm – Zipfroms Templates with RJ
Wednesday 2/8 at 10 – Agent on-boarding followed by headshots and door knocking
Thursday, 2/9 at 10 – Power Hour
Friday, 2/10 at 10 – Tax Planning for Realtors
Friday, 2/10 at 11:30 – Google Adwords Training with Jason

Congratulations on your new listings:
Shana Will
KP Elite Team
Jean DeRusha
Ron Lombardino
David Schleif
Edward Enriquez
Rachelle Heinzen
Heather Hatch
Wendy Macca
Jennifer Vandall
Aaron Dotterer
Chuck Malone
Tonia and Clay Rausbeck

Good job on your new escrows:

Erica Crosby
Chuck Malone
David Schleif
Stephanie Ross
Amber Black
Jennifer Vandall
Jen Gould
Cindy Plachecki
Sheila Cottone
Chris Allen
Jen Crook
Kelly Mccormack
Heather Sagnella X2
Ron Lombardino
Elizabeth Hammer
Vanessa Kean
Elizabeth Mankin X2
Jenell Meyer
Terra Mccormick
Sandra Case
Mike Brown
Wendy Macca
Sarah Wilson
Matt Novak
Felisha Mcgiboney
Theresa Young
Sarah Scarpone

Everyone have a fabulous week!

Peace. Love. Real estate.