It’s a GREAT day at JK!

Here’s your JK Vibes for the week of May 22nd (text recap below video)

Natalie on a Mission is a MUST attend for this week! Join us this Tuesday at 11am, for tacos and to hear Natalie’s story and how she’s changing the world!

WIGO at JK this week:

  • Monday at 9am – Grinders starts
  • Monday at 9am – Unleashed
  • Tuesday at 10am – Inception with JK
  • Tuesday at 11am Natalie and 1 Mission Mexico house building trip – and TACOS!
  • Wednesday at 10am – Agent Onboarding
  • Wednesday at 11am – Headshots
  • Thursday at 10am – Momentum – Christine Hawley is going to lead Momentum and bring you her killer call back scripts! She’s excellent peeps.
  • Friday at 9am Grinders last day Graduation
  • Monday – Friday 9am – 11am – Grinders
  • Monday – Friday 2pm – 3pm – Company $$ Call Session

Congrats on your new listings:

  • Camille Kooi
  • Clay and Tonia Rausbeck
  • Edward Enriquez
  • Elizabeth Mankin
  • Jason Ralston
  • Jody Thyfault
  • Kat Carson

Special shoutout to Adam Leach for your spirit of contribution and leading the Inception Group last week. We appreciate you!

Congrats on your new escrows:

  • Adam Leach
  • Camille Kooi
  • Collette Fisher
  • Elizabeth Mankin X2
  • Katie Taylor
  • Michael Herrera
  • Naseem Mirza X2
  • Stephanie Mainville
  • Tiffany Pulido
  • Tim Laos
  • Wendy Macica

Congrats to the following for their flawless contracts:

  • Austin and Lynn Goodale
  • Craig Martin
  • David Schleif
  • Elizabeth Mankin
  • Katie Taylor
  • Lindsey Blazevich
  • Michael Herrera
  • Naseem Mirza x 2
  • Tanya Grantham
  • Tiffany Pulido
  • Wendy Macica

Recap of the audio:

JK will be visiting Vaynermedia for a 10 hour Daily Digital Deep Dive including an hour and half session with Gary Vaynerchuk. We’re gonna make like a sponge and soak it all up, so that we can bring it back to you! Our recap sesh will be June 20 at 12pm-1:30 pm.

Jody Thyfault will be helping with broker matters while we’re away. HUGE thank you to Jody for helping us — we appreciate you! As always, if you have any questions or need help this week call the office. Angela, Libby and Kei stand ready for you to stump them with your questions.

Special thanks to Casey, Virgina, Jean, Felisha, Ryan, Shana, Paul, Christine and Matt for joining JK and team for our call session last week! You Rock!

JK call sessions are top priority. Making our prospecting and follow up calls is critical to the growth of our business, as it is to yours too. We challenge you to follow our example and consistently prospect for 1 hour a day. Within a few days, you’ll feel more confident about the direction of your business, you’ll feel proud of your self-discipline and thankful for the connections you’ve made. All that positive energy spills over into other areas of your business and life.

Reminder: Office is closed on Memorial Day.

Have a fabulous week!

Peace. Love. Real Estate.