It’s a great day at JK!

Here’s your JK Vibes for the week of May 1st:

WIGO at JK this week:

Monday at 9am – Unleashed
Monday at 10am – Contract Law – 3 hours CE
Tuesday at 10am – Inception
Tuesday at 12pm – Canva at Kei
Wednesday at 10am – Agent Onboarding
Wednesday at 11am – Headshots
Thursday at 10am – Momentum
Thursday at 11am – Intro to MLS
Friday – Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Congrats on your new escrows:

Katie Taylor x 3
Tanya Grantham x 3
Tim Laos x 3
Jim Walsh x 2
Stephanie Mainville x 2
James Goodman x 2
Sandra Case x 2
John Diaz
Alex Affes
Kat Carson
Jenny Ekern
Jason Todd
Chuck Malone
Erica Crosby
Sarah Wilson
Cindy Salem
Collette Fisher
Andria Tarter
Kacee O’Brien
Chuck Malone
Carol Dopudja
Mischa Sorba
Genevra Han
Theresa Young
Josh Knicely
Taylor and Tessa
Natalie DiBernardo
Ron Momyer
Jimmy Bryant
RJ Cushing
Tonie DeMarino
Naseem Mirza
Sarah Wilson
Agent Casey G
Jody Thyfault
Christine Hawley
Christina Ellis
Bridget Teague
Joey Morales
Mike Moon
Natasha Reddinger

Congrats on your new listings:

Heather Hatch x 8 (holy moly!!!) 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
RJ Cushing, Tom Aulman and other fellow epic Beardestate agents for your legendary new listing! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Stephanie Mainville x 3
Jason Ralston x 2
Tanya Grantham
Katie Taylor
Edward Enriquez
Ron Lombardino
Cindy Plachecki
Greg Wolfe
Vania Brown
Michael Herrera
Jan Dekker
John Nuccio
Jean Kiplinger and Jaime Jones
Tricia Hash
Joshua Vela
Genevra Han
Jean DeRusha
Adam Leach

Have a fabulous week and remember: only you are you, you are youer than you, the truest of you! Keep shining!

Peace. Love. Real Estate.