Don’t click on it just yet…before you watch JK Realty’s 2016 epic mashup of over 35 videos we produced last year, let me give you a brief overview of what you’re about to see:

1. The video starts with JK’s Kid Listing Agreement star Seth Goldman, Cat Goldman’s cutie patootie son, who takes it away with “Here’s how it went down…”

2. Next it’s Queen Creek, Arizona with RJ Cushing and Tom Aulman of the 48 Real Estate Team aka the #beardestateagents. They show off their luxury listing and fun use of video. The home sold ages ago it seems, but we’ll forever reminiscence about the epic shots the home provided.

3. Next we have Camille Kooi of #camilleestate and myself, Kala Laos, in our debut show “Let’s Talk”. We had so much fun, but tabled the show…we really should pick it back up. Loads of fun!

4. We find ourselves at Waffle Love in Gilbert, Arizona as we spotlight a locally owned and operated business. The waffles taste as amazing as they look and if you haven’t had one you really owe it to yourself to try it.

5. Next is a JK Takeover at Some Burros in Gilbert, Arizona, a local family owned and operated Mexican food restaurant. Home of the best bean and cheese burrito. Seriously, they’re my favorite but it’s not officially home to the best burrito. They’re just really yummy.

6. Then we made another listing video with The Champ and JK Realty belt holder of 2016, Jody Thyfault. Yes, he is actually on a roof of the house. Funny story you wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell ya, the drone actually hit him when he was on the roof. Thankfully the drone was ok. And so was Jody.

7. Our “Why JK” video was next and Josh Knicely and Tanya Grantham magically snap in and out of the shot. Good times.

8. Jennifer Vandall and Jean DeRusha are up next starring in our “What’s Your Why” video.

9. Then there’s Jennifer Gould as she’s driving through the luxurious neighborhood of Whitewing in Gilbert, Arizona. She’s our new belt holder ya know and if she keeps up that killer production she’ll be hard to beat.

10. Cut to Jennifer Vandall as she’s interview style talking about the lovely city of Gilbert. We really love our town. It’s where we make magic and help homeowners achieve their real estate goals.

11. Another locally owned business review is next as I try the nitro brew coffee. Have you ever had nitro brew? It’s legit and I was wired beyond belief the rest of that afternoon. Unfortunately that business fell victim to a reality that most startups face: closure. Good reminder to count my blessings and stay forever grateful for the plethora of business that comes my way.

12. And a Mexican themed market update is next in our silly Gilbert Real Estate Market Update. We tried salsa and Renee Montgomery gives some satirical comedy.

13. Camille Kooi of #camillestate makes her rap video starring dream come to a reality in the next clip of her “You can get with this or you can get with that video.” Alexa Vertucci and I can be seen back up dancing. Good times!

14. Seth asks “What’s in it for me?” next.

15. Cut to our “JK Krew” video where we’re all coming outta the listologist’s car. Angela Tucci taunts us with the belt at the end. We love some healthy competition at JK Realty.

16. The next video takes on a classier tone as our top listing agent Allison Brague and JK Realty’s listologist tour a home and capture what happens when we take a listing. Kudos guys for a great video demonstration of your brilliance in action.

17. We love giving back at JK Realty and we’re at Feed My Starving Children in Mesa, Arizona, packing food for the hungry. It was a humbling experience and about a hundred of us turned out to give back.

18. David Schleif is up next with his Teacher Next Door spotlight video. David, or DMoney as he’s known at JK, is at a school in Gilbert, Arizona, providing a catered breakfast and explaining his special program exclusively for teachers. He’s such a good guy. We heart him.

19. Beardestate agents, 48 Real Estate, RJ Cushing, Tom Aulman and Matt Novak are riding bikes in Gilbert, Arizona at another one of their luxury listings in Seville. Their creativity soars! Check out that shot of them coming out of the pool and the overhead drone footage. It was a glorious day. We even used the outdoor BBQ to make hot dogs. Matt Novak slam dunks on the Arizona Wildcat themed basketball court.

20. Selling Joints with Zack Wilson and Christine Hawley is next. These two are not just exceptional real estate agents, but they can let their guard down and act too! The video is hilarious and even though it’s hard to make everyone out Angela Tucci, Myatta Whitman, Jason Laos, Bailey DeLuca, Tonia Rausbeck and myself are all in the shot.

21. We’re tuning into our “Unicorn Chakra” next at Chandler, Arizona’s True Rest Float Spa, another locally owned and operated business. Floating is the coolest. If you haven’t tried it, do. You’ll enter another dimension as your brain waves enter the theta stage or meta stage. Something like that.

22. Lake Day at Saguaro Lake was insane. Jenell Meyer broke her wrist which still makes me sad. But the video was intense and there was a gang of us there…I will probably never do a video like that again because it was crazy. Still good times and exceptional people having SO MUCH FUN! I love our tribe.

23. Hiking the Grand Canyon to the town of Supai, Arizona was one of the top experiences of my lifetime. The waterfalls are insane and the turquoise waters are indescribable. Jody Thyfault and Josh Knicely are hiking, Zack Wilson is admiring the beauty of Havasupai falls and Elizabeth Mankin and Jean DeRusha jump off a waterfall. Group shot in what I think of as a Tinker Bell cave, because the caves looked like they were plucked from the pages of a fairytale, a group drone shot, another epic shot of the falls and Chris Allen holding the “You Should Be Here” sign as Jason Laos operates the drone, Zack Wilson and Calen Laos sum it up. That was probably the longest run-on sentence ever. My high school English teacher would be proud.

24. Elizabeth Mankin’s inspiring agent spotlight video was a joy to make! This girl is one of a kind and has a story that will melt your heart. She says, “I am JK Realty” and I get chills. You are so much more than that, friend. You’re effing amazing.

25. One of my favorite shots takes it from Jennifer Vandall at the scene of her listing in El Dorado Country Club on the Kokopelli Golf Course in Gilbert, Arizona, all the way to the earth. It’s really great work, Nick. You both rock!

26. Jodi Stutes, Angela Tucci and I throw a computer tower off the roof and finish it with a baseball bat. We’re so cool.

27. Pumpkin Pop By Party is next as Jennifer Gould led the charge with over 500 pumpkins delivered and decorated at the Penthouse in Gilbert, Arizona. Clay Rausbeck and Tonia Rausbeck picked up the pumpkins from Trader Joe’s in Gilbert, Arizona and delivered them to the Penthouse. Heather Sagnella’s little man loads their wagon. Isn’t he a doll?

28. KP Elite, Keith Anderson and Pete Kambokus, give thanks to their clients in style…Pete’s a natural on camera and Keith looks great with a cardigan.

29. Austin Goodale and Lynn Goodale introduce their monthly newsletter and give back to House of Refuge in Mesa, Arizona. Those two have the biggest hearts!

30. Our agent spotlight video of Angela Clevenger takes an unexpected twist as we go “psycho” over how obsessed this girl is with real estate. And let me tell you, as Rookie of the Year at JK Realty, obsessed with real estate leads to awesome results.

31. I throw a bunch of pie checks at Power Hour.

32. Clay Rausbeck and Tonia Rausbeck star in the Christmas video and that leads into a speed version of our Mannequin Video. That was great fun and if memory serves me correctly it starts with Jason Laos holding a mic, Kei Wright, Jodi’s grandchildren, Alexa Vertucci, Angela Tucci, Tanya Grantham, Pride through Strife, Jim Walsh, Jeff Gardner, David Schleif, Tiffany Pulido, Gabby Pulido, Jean DeRusha, myself, Rhonda Wren, Will Wright, Jean’s brother, Stacy Reed, Christine Hawley, Josh Knicely, Nikki Ridenour, Mike Chasen, Jenell Meyer, Jodi Stutes and her family, Galina Jacobs, Bailey Tameron, Clay Rausbeck, Tonia Rausbeck, Angela Clevenger, Casey Galloway and Elizabeth Mankin.

33. Then our epic JK Christmas Party video. There’s Wanda Mentzer jumping on a tree. Susan Crean and Jean DeRusha riding on big wheels. Ranger the Pony. Galina saying Merry Christmas in 5 languages. Everyone having fun and dancing. It was even more fun than it looks. Did I mention I love my tribe? If not, I EFFING LOVE MY TRIBE!

34. Enter actual Christmas Party next. We’re dancing and having a blast.

35. Fireworks end the Christmas party and the video.

Wow. That was intense.

I wonder what 2017’s year in review is going to look like. Will you be in it?

Peace. Love. Real estate.