I anxiously waited, like a kid the night before Christmas, for my Matterport 3d imaging camera to arrive. I remember the day it was delivered, when I walked into my office and saw it sitting on my desk I started doing the silly little clap and dancing around. Seriously, this 3d camera is some fresh tech! Matterport was at the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference just last week in New York City, too and the buzz has been very positive.

The Matterport 3d camera is sure to impress the real estate community because it’s affect on our industry will be epic.  The Matterport 3d camera creates an HD virtual  3d model of the home’s interior floor-plan, in about an hour, fairly effortlessly. The finished product, then uploaded onto Matterport’s server, is an entire model of a home, where the experience is like using the Google maps street-view person to freely roam about the house.

The technology for the Matterport 3d camera was developed just last year. When my camera arrived, I searched Youtube for tutorials and there weren’t any yet!  Seeing an opening in the marketplace, you bet I’m going to be posting my vlog on Youtube. We did our first one on a home in Gilbert, AZ; it was a huge success: the home sold in 5 days and received 3 times as much traffic as a typical listing. Hardly anyone is using this amazing technology, so capitalize on it.  A time will come where use of 3d floor plan models are industry standard, almost like a virtual tour (no worries, the virtual tour will retire somewhere in the Bahamas, drink coconut martinis clad with mini umbrellas, and swap stories of the good old days with his new friend, the beeper). Click here to see my first time.

Utilizing online 3D virtual experiences, enabled by Matterport 3d camera, Buyers will shift even more of their home searching efforts online. NAR stats show that the average buyer looks at 12 homes before offering on one. When this technology gains traction, I think we’ll see that ratio go way down. I also think the process will be more convenient for all parties in the transaction. Buyers will have to do less house hunting and sellers won’t have to show their homes as often.

New technology generates excitement over the technology itself, which in turn brings more attention to your listing online. One of my goals for this year is for all of the listings with my company to have a 3d model. We’re going to promote Matterport 3d models on Craigslist, Facebook, Kunversion etc., and get some attention. Buyers and sellers will see us for who we are, a company who is insanely passionate about technology and utilizing it to further develop our industry.  Consumers want Fresh Tech. Give it to them.


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