My heart is so full. I have the privilege of leading a group of agents that are amazing! Today on my Monday Motivation, I’m dishing up some special shoutouts to my peeps:

Robert Habeeb ( and his wife Stephanie are one of a kind! They’re a recent recruit to JK from another company. Not only is Robert a top producer in the market place, he’s also a loving husband and father. He also lives with a spirit of abundance and cooperation, and even teaches classes to his fellow agents. Robert is a market disruptor with his authentic marketing, use of creative videos (he did a thank you spin off from Jimmy Fallon, so funny!), and extraordinary client services.  It is a honor to work alongside him and I’m super excited to watch the future unfold. Amazing things are happening.

Deb Lord ( is a single mother of 3 kiddos; 1 is off to the Marines, and the other 2 keep her busy with their karate and adventurous lifestyle. Deb is always cooking up a family meal, and sharing it with us on Snapchat. We love that Deb lives life fearlessly. Deb’s special secret is her sweet positive spirit, that she sprinkles all over and infects the community with her goodwill. Specifically, Deb has excelled at Facebook Live, social media, and networking her sphere of influence. Also, Deb lives with a spirt of abundance; she just got a listing and offered it up to her peeps so they could have some ad candy. Thank you Deb for showing us an example of consistency and hustle.

Zack Wilson ( is the son you wish you had and the man you hope your daughter marries. Zack lives life full of love for people and adventure. He’s a sweetheart and loves his friends and family fiercely. Zack’s a millennial and from snow boarding, to hiking, to riding a motorcycle across the Pacific Northwest, this guy is always up for an adventure! He runs a successful real estate business using Kunversion, social media marketing, and networking. Congrats Zack…success looks so good on you!

Have a great week!

Peace. Love. Real Estate.