We all know referrals are the heart of our business, but this story is truly remarkable and highlights why it’s important to treat opportunities with appreciation.

A few years ago our associate broker Chuck Malone helped a buyer purchase a 70k condo. Chuck treats all of his clients with the same standard of care, regardless of what his financial gain will be. This buyer was no exception and was so appreciative of Chuck’s high level of customer care that years later she referred her brother.

Chuck ended up listing her brother’s estate Pecan Cove, a million dollar home and 8 quarter of million dollar lots.

So I thought this was the perfect story for today’s Monday Motivation and you’ll also see some behind the scenes for Pecan Cove’s upcoming video.

Moral of the story: respect opportunities for what they are and take them; you’ll come to realize the impact of your actions causes a massive ripple.