At JK Realty, we’re firm believers in developing and communicating a strong WHY behind our services. Anyone can sell real estate for profit, but making money isn’t enough of a motive. We’ve found by fostering an environment where there’s a greater purpose to our business ventures, we can create magic. We call this the JK Vibe.

In this video we explore the JK Vibe by highlighting several of our agents and their WHY. We asked them this simple question, “What’s your why?”, and here’s what they said:

Tiffany Pulido JK RealtyStarting with Tiffany Pulido and her 3 beautiful children. Tiffany’s why is to set an example of limitless independence and wow, does she certainly shine at doing it! Following her passion for real estate has allowed Tiffany to support her daughter in pursuit of her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Showing her children the sky’s the limit allows them to really get after it too! Overcoming unsurmountable obstacles and rising strong after each has allowed Tiffany to be an incredible support and mentor to those around her, including her fellow JKers. Follow Tiffany on Facebook at on Twitter @T_pulido and on Snapchat at tp1077.

Tanya Grantham JK RealtyTanya Grantham says that life should be about having fun. Tanya’s family, friends and clients will attest to this: she has an unbiased love for humanity. Although she tells it like it is, Tanya does so in a way that is lighthearted yet meaningful. Tanya impacts the lives of those around her, including supporting her teammates at JK Realty by sharing what she knowns and nurturing a can do attitude. Tanya’s pride and joy are her 2 grown daughters that are stunningly beautiful and beacons of light. She never leaves home without her warm smile and laughs indiscriminately. Tanya is the essence of living and loving life. Connect with Tanya Grantham on Facebook at

Josh Knicely Jk Realty Mr Knice GuyThe freedom to work anywhere is the driving force behind Josh Knicely’s why. Josh is one of those creative geniuses that enjoys the flexibility and freedom selling real estate brings. Each day is a new day and every obstacle is different. Josh loves his wife, travel, cooking, and his adorable dog Cookie. He’s one of those guys that continually searches for the good in everyone and serves the real estate industry by leading the charge in innovative marketing. We will soon add celebrity to his status with his hilarious videos getting thousands of views of YouTube…it won’t be long before one goes viral. And, as his name implies—which could lend to the nurture verses nature debate—he is an extremely nice guy. Find him on Facebook at and his website at

Timothy Laos JK RealtyTimothy Laos believes his job is to allow you to live passionately connected to your loved ones, and it all starts with your home. Timothy’s life is dedicated to his faith and family. He has many hidden talents including the ability to play multiple instruments, sing, and do flips on a trampoline with his grandchildren. And his sense of humor is super fun and quirky, that you’ll always be entertained around him. Timothy loves life and is excited to help his clients pursue their dreams. You can find Timothy Laos at or on Facebook at

christine hawley JK Realty Gilbert

Teaching her children that you can live a life by design remains supreme for Christine Hawley. She builds lasting relationships with her clients and peers by meeting them where they are. But don’t let her empathetic nature fool you: this gal is one strong cookie. As a single mom of 2 young children, Christine knows firsthand how important it is to focus on the good in life. And that perspective is exactly how she handles her business too. Add Christine on Snapchat at homesbyhawley and follow her on Facebook at or visit her website at .

Jennifer Vandall JK RealtyJennifer Vandall is passionate about connecting the community and building lasting relationships. Foremost, it’s important for you to know that Jennifer approaches all situations with integrity and care, guided by her faith that remains supreme. Jennifer is a community vlogger and is leading our industry with her use of video and innovative social media marketing. By always doing her best and being a constant learner of the industry, Jennifer is a lethal combination. Follow Jennifer on FB at and friend her up on Snapchat at vandalljen.

Jean DeRusha JK RealtyJean DeRusha is a kindred spirit and we call her the horse whisperer. As a lover of horses, Jean enjoys living on her ranch in Casa Grande, Arizona, training and riding horses. There’s a special relationship Jean forms with horses and humans alike, a connection that transcends time and reason. At the root of it is Jean’s special and caring soul: one who understands the pain of overcoming challenges, but trusts in love to guide you through. Jean will stop at nothing to accomplish your real estate goals, and she’ll do it with a positive attitude and smile on her face. Follow her on Facebook at

Lisa Woodard JK Realty GilbertTo be an inspiration to her young adult children drives Lisa Woodard to be caring and compassionate. Lisa’s grew up in Texas and is grounded in a firm belief that family comes first. Selling real estate is just a vehicle for Lisa to inspire her children and adorable grandchild. By continually investing in advanced education, Lisa is currently attending the Graduate Real Estate Institute, Lisa helps her clients make solid decisions. Her sweet smile and patience are just a couple of the reasons Lisa makes the home selling and buying process a breeze. Add Lisa on Snapchat at elwoody or follow her on FB at

Natalie DiBernardo JK RealtyChris Allen JK Realty

Connection is what drives Natalie DiBernardo and Christopher Allen in their ventures. As millennial entrepreneurs, these two are a great example of new school thinking. Through collaboration and innovation, they know what it’s like to work hard and play hard. Their family and friends remark about their celebrity status in the real estate community, which is a testament to their influence. And, they know just what it takes to make you feel like a celebrity, too. At the end of a transaction, they’ll swoon and celebrate with you because they’re working to build a solid foundation with you for years to come. Follow Natalie DiBernardo on Snapchat at natalisa3125 or on Facebook at . Check out Chris Allen on Snapchat at upupxandxaway or visit his website or friend him up on Facebook at

Jean Kiplinger JK RealtyJean Kiplinger lives for the joy you experience when you buy your new home! She’s fiercely independent and loves to tackle messy situations. With intense business acumen and vast experience—she once worked as head of finance for a large casino—Jean enjoys the obstacles that arise during the home buying and selling process. Her unique ability to connect, online and offline, set her apart from the crowd. As an early adopter and influencer on Pinterest, Jean knows what it takes to form lasting relationships. Connect with Jean on Facebook at or visit her website

Naseem Mirza JK RealtyCreating community, connection and camaraderie is Naseem Mirza’s driving motivation. Naseem is a single mother of 2 young boys and lives with a strong belief that we are all connected. A born entrepreneur with a slew of successful business ventures under her belt, Naseem now applies her brains and brilliance full-time to the real estate community. Naseem is using her robust knowledge of SEO, content creation and website solutions to create one of the largest community websites in the valley. A true forward thinker, Naseem remains focused on the big picture yet maintains a firm grasp on all the details. Find Naseem on Facebook at or visit her website

Raquel Riturban JK RealtyRaquel Riturban is all about enriching the lives of her children, grandchildren and generations to come. Growing up in the Philippines provided the opportunity for Raquel to really stand on her own feet. She’s a fearless woman who has stepped into her own amid trials and tribulations. Her children are her world! Her daughter is a recent graduate of ASU and excelling in business. Since her son has been serving in the military, Raquel has been uniquely inspired to be an ambassador for our military and community heroes. Raquel was recently persuaded to enter a beauty contest, in which she won and has subsequently been called the JK Princess, no doubt because of her adorable physique and caring soul. Friend up Raquel on Facebook at or visit her website at or find her on Snapchat at raquelriturban.

Jennifer Gould JK RealtyJennifer Gould is all about the Arizona sunshine! As a transplant to the valley from Alaska just 3 short years ago, Jennifer shares a fun story of how her and her husband found Arizona one cold Alaskan day by googling, “Where is the warmest place in the US.”  The result is what she calls Destination Sunshine and for the Gould family, they increased their quality of life by moving to the Valley of the Sun. Jennifer leaves no opportunity unexplored and is making a huge mark on the real estate industry. Recently being voted by her peers as one of the 40 under 40 in the Phoenix real estate market, Jennifer approaches real estate sales with a simple motto: the Golden Rule. Connect with Jennifer at or Snapchat azjennco or on Facebook at

Renee Montgomery JK RealtyRenee Montgomery lives a spontaneous life. Renee is a comedian—her stage name is Charlie Spurlock—who will stop at nothing to make you laugh. By saying things that most of our filters catch, Renee is always turning frowns upside down and making you think about things in a new way. Her playful nature and whit are a testament to her brilliance. Renee has a soft spot in her heart for people and animals and is always sticking up for the underdog. When she’s not at open mic night or recording her reality TV shows, Renee sells real estate…and lots of it! Follow Renee on Facebook at or on Twitter @charliespurlock.

Cindy Placheck JK RealtyCindy Plachecki wants to see her buyers and sellers happy, and you’ll be just that if she’s your agent. As a former education administrator, Cindy approaches the real estate transaction as an education process and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Cindy lives an adventurous life, likes to spend time with her friends and family and, after living overseas in Belgium has developed a passion for wine. She hosts a wine club once a month focused on connecting the community. Ultimately Cindy loves a good challenge and knows exactly how to ease the stresses of home buying and selling. Friend Cindy up on Facebook at, follow her on Twitter @clplach, Instagram at cinplach, or on Snapchat at clplach.

Shawna Reeves JK realtyShawna Reeves enjoys having freedom and flexibility to be there for her amazing family. It’s comes natural for Shawna to take care of everyone in her life and she’s found that helping her client’s obtain their real estate goals is the fuel to her fire. Shawna has a keen eye for fashion and interior design, both of which make her a born natural at selling homes. Her fun personality, infectious laugh and outgoing spirit make Shawna a blast to hang with and her exceptional marketing and high touch customer service are what makes her the leader in real estate sales. Connect with Shawna Reeves on Facebook at and on Snapchat at shawnakr.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this video. It’s one of my favs.

Peace. Love. Real Estate.