Periscope Twitter picFacebook, Instagram, Pinterest and especially Youtube are probably feeling like the ugly stepdaughter with Twitter’s recent release of their complementary app periscope. This new app is the hottest way to connect on social media, providing an experience unlike anything else out there. And you might initially not think it’s a big deal, until you realize the powerful ways you can leverage this app to share your message. The news of periscope is spreading quickly, as celebrities and average Joe’s alike, use periscope to share and engage with people from around the world. So, what is periscope and how can you use it in your business?

Periscope is an app created by Twitter. It was released in March, 2015, and is gaining rapid following. Periscope only works on Apple iOS, but rest assured Twitter is quickly working on developing the Android app. My limited understanding of the operating system between Apple and Android is that Apple products are easier to develop because they are standardized, where as Android are different from device to device. Point is, Twitter knew it had a good thing and Android users either have to wait or jump on the Apple bandwagon.

Periscope not only provides the ability for you to live stream video, it enables viewers to interact by asking questions and giving you feedback. Viewers can ask questions that will scroll up from the bottom left to about mid-screen and if they like what they see and hear, they can click on this “love” button and hearts will start to flow up from the bottom right up to mid screen. Another feature that’s really cool about Periscope is that you can live broadcast to anyone in the world willing to listen and join in. And, whether you had 0 participants in your live broadcast or 100, Persicope will save the broadcast so you can later tweet it out, upload it to Youtube or share it on Facebook.

Using Periscope as part of your lead generating and marketing plan is essential if you’re wanting to build a career primarily off social media. If that’s you, you’ll want to make sure you use Facebook properly first, because if you suck at it, the bad news is you would really suck at Periscope. But the good news is all of this can be learned. And if you suck at social media, I provide a service where I audit you socially, and return a detailed analysis, action plan with suggestions and best practices. I coach my agent partners how to effectively use social media to dominate the market.

The ways you can use Periscope in your real estate career are endless. You could do Q&A sessions, where the Periscope subject is “Bad credit holding you back from buying a home. Join my scope to learn how to clean up your credit.” You could do a live teaser of an upcoming listing, and offer participants a chance to win a $10 starbucks gift card. You would do a Periscope walk through of the home and the users get to see it and guess the list price. Whoever guesses closest, wins. You could use Periscope to show an out of state buyer a home they’re interested in. You could use periscope at a final walk through to show the listing agent the repairs were not completed. Our office is already using it for our office meetings and events. The potential and possibilities are endless, which is why you must integrate these technologies in our business.

We tried it. My husband and I decided to get on Twitter one night and do a live video broadcast. We’ve been married for 15 years and have an amazing relationship! We decided, what the hell, let’s give some marriage advice. We broadcasted our periscope and had over 30 people asking us for advice on marriage.

#KALAtalk Facebook purchased Whats App for 16 billion dollars. Whats App is an app that has live video streaming functionality. Zuckerberg is probably frantically trying to integrate live video streaming in Facebook. The writing is on the wall and Periscope is magnifying it.

Twitter has brilliantly captured the next level of social media. What does this level of technology look like, and what monster have we awakened with this live video streaming? Imagine the uses all over the world, connecting us even closer and closer, yet so far away from each other. This will consume the masses and we will live in a stream of cyberspace. Start early and build your audience on periscope, because you will either lead the pack or follow it.

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