Our rookie agent, Angela Clevenger, earns massive cash her first 6 months in the business!

My passion is to inspire entrepreneurs to live a life they never thought possible! – Kala Laos

When I met Angela Clevenger I was beyond excited. When she first started at JK Realty she didn’t even have her real estate license. Without her license, she attended our intense 2 week training course called Grinders at our Penthouse in Gilbert Arizona, just to learn and soak up all the information. Her passion is contagious and sure enough, within 6 months of obtaining her real estate license Angela sold an unprecedented amount of real estate, making over $60k in just under 6 months.

In this video Angela and I discuss her strategies for success including her obsession with real estate, use of social media and Facebook to connect with her sphere of influence, selling her the open house (I’m not going to start a conspiracy theory here but we’re all thinking something’s in those cake pops! Again, these claims are unsubstantiated and not supported by JK Realty, et, al)  Ultimately Angela manifests her reality with a positive mental mindset, daily affirmations, a vision board and work ethic unlike anyone else.

Angela’s future is bright and as we’d expect she has some BIG goals: Angela wants to make $100,000 before the year is up and in 2017 she wants to clear $500k. When asked if it was superficial to be going after money, she quickly reminds me…

It’s never about the money, it’s about what you can do with the money! – Angela Clevenger

Angela has 3 children and wants to show them that they can do whatever they want in life too! She’s confident real estate sales will allow her freedom to be there for her children and continue to Mommy them with the utmost care and love. Oh, and Angela has THE most beautiful voice…listen to her sing a line of Amazing Grace at the end. #goosebumps

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Peace. Love. Real Estate. 😘💚💛❤️