Video marketingNAR released a shocking statistic that there’s a 43% increase in buyers and sellers finding their real estate agent on Youtube, year over year. And this number will continue to increase as social media become more integrated into our everyday lives. Having an online video presence is no longer a luxury, it’s the future. By incorporating video into your marketing plan early on, you will position yourself as the leader in the real estate industry. Here’s an easy plan to incorporate video marketing into your real estate business.

Above all else, commit to creating and distributing video content. If you wait until you have the best equipment, perfect lighting, lost a few pounds and a good hair day, making videos will never happen. My suggestion is to schedule a specific time and day dedicated to creating video content and pushing it out on social channels. When I first started I did my Monday Motivation video, which I’ve consistently been doing now for 13 months. Thanks to topic being Monday, I committed myself to a weekly video. 

Remember the acronym KISS….keep it short and simple! The digital consumer’s attention span is becoming increasingly smaller. You want to pack a punch in the shortest amount of time, so aim for 30-60 seconds. If you’re topic is interesting and robust, go longer, but try to keep it short and simple.

Then, decide what it is you want to communicate with your audience.  Perhaps you feel you’re high level of communication is what sets you apart from other real estate agents. You may consider doing a video to your clients (even if you don’t have any yet!) explaining your Communication Promise to them, and it could go something like this,  Communication is the most important aspect of the real estate transaction and the number one complaint buyers and sellers have against realtors is they never answer their phones and don’t call back. Communication is important to me, which is why I’ve established my Communication Guarantee. When you work with me, we agree in writing on our communication style (PM, text, email, phone call, face to face) and I also promise to promptly respond to emails, the sooner the better, but guaranteed within 24 hours, and I will answer voicemails as quickly as possible, but within 12 hours. Communication is essential in the real estate transaction, and we’ll be dialed in every step of the way.”  Once you’ve decided what you want to talk about on camera, you’re ready to go.

Now create the video; thankfully, with the advancement in cameras and videos, we are almost professional filmmakers with our iPhones. Here are a few ways to make videos, all of which I use:

  • Selfie style video – There are mixed opinions on whether or not the selfie style of shooting video hurts or helps your business. My experience, unequivocally, is that selfie style video helps your business!  Tremendously. Think about it, reality TV is all the rage and in a world that’s becoming increasing filtered, airbrushed and touched up; we are thirsting for real, raw and relevant content. With selfie style videos you give your audience the opportunity to see who you are, hear your voice and see your mannerisms. You will slightly polarize your audience, which is absolutely fantastic.
  • Somewhat professional style – I’ve created several videos using a black sheet tacked to the wall, a few inexpensive video lights, a tripod and an iPad mini. The quality is better than the selfie style, however I don’t really think these are important, especially when you’re first starting out using video. You’ll have to invest in some lights. I picked mine up on amazon. 
  • Animated videos – Consider having a animated or cartoon style video created for you. These are great if you have written content that would be easily conveyed in animation.  Here’s one I created for one of my agents, Chris Allen, for a whopping $15! If you want a video like this, check out www.fiverr.comThis is a website where graphic and creative freelancer post what they’re willing to do for you $5!   I ended paying $10 more than the $5, to have video added and a few more scenes of whiteboard animation. But seriously, $15! Totally worth it.  A few other resources for video creation are and

Although your video is done, you’re not…now you need to distribute your content to your social media channels. I recommend posting the raw video on Youtube and Facebook. Then trim a 15 second clip and add it to Instagram with several hashtags. Then push that out to your Twitter followers. Also, post it on your LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, blogger or blog site. Keep this action plan sacred and use the same, consistent, distribution channels.

Remember your only true power is now, so bust out your camera phone and make a video! If you want further feedback and advice on your content, let’s connect and help you come up with a plan today.

Peace. Love. Real Estate.