Trigger top of mind

Every day we engage in over a dozen word-of-mouth exchanges, both in person and online. How can you leverage these exchanges so that the likelihood increases of someone remembering you when real estate is the topic of conversation? (This tip is assuming you’re already putting out interesting or useful information.)  Here’s one easy way you can you stay top of mind, tip of tongue.

Use a trigger.

A trigger is a prompt or reminder to think about similar things. For example, if you’re using hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, consider consistently using a hashtag that will prompt people to think of real estate.  Try, for example, #HGTV. This one in particular is highly effective because it creates an subconscious and instantaneous connection between you and houses. By using this hashtag people will automatically associate you with homes, and likely other things like charisma, competence and experience. Incidentally, you could be a brand new agent and look like a real estate rock star by using this strategy and particular hashtag. Basically, you’re piggybacking on what HGTV has already built such as happy homeowners, DIY projects and interesting real estate stories. Further boost your social currency by cashing in with this hashtag on all your posts, even your personal ones, by evoking curiosity that you might be the next HGTV star!

We’re all looking for opportunities to grow so we can share our message with more people. This is just a simple tip to trigger top of mind in marketing. It’s simple, easy and effective.

Try it. And maybe you will be the next HGTV star. 😉

Keep shining.