Initially the thought of having to figure out Snapchat left a little throw up in the back of my mouth.

From telling my Mom I would never get married, to saying I would never be on Facebook, to thinking I would never share my personal intimate moments—like right when I wake up and my eye boogies are crusty and eyes are all puffy—is yet another one of the Universe’s we’ll see about that moments.

I was suffering from a case of MMR: Mismanagement of Mental Resources. Which is basically just my ex-BFF whose voice I still hear inside my head on occasion and because of the close relationship we once shared, know all too well: fear.

Fear was holding me back from embracing snapchat. If my previous mental mindset made a Snapstory it would be story after story that didn’t serve me….I don’t have enough time, I’m not smart enough, not pretty enough, successful enough, fun enough, etc etc etc.

Here’s the truth….

Since I started using social media 2 years ago my life and business has flourished. Sure there have been many lessons and optimizations along the way, but overwhelming my journey has been positive….and lucrative.

Snapchat is for everyone and you don’t have to look like Barbie, be under 21 and have fake perky knockers to share your story and have a massive impact!

Following other people living determined, positive and successful lives inspires you to live up to your greatness.

These 10 individuals are dominating the real estate industry on Snapchat not because of genetics, but generosity of spirit. They inspire me daily by sharing their lives in a real, raw and vulnerable way. Because it gives me permission to do the same.

Connect with the top 10 people dominating the real estate industry on Snapchat:

Jennifer Gould SnapchatJennifer Gould 

Jennifer Gould is a snapper out of Gilbert, Arizona, and continually infuses the market with value and goodwill. Her love of people and passion for helping others succeed are just a couple reasons why she’s the number 1 agent at JK Realty. What you’ll love about Jennifer is she has exceptional courage, hustle and heart. Naturally, Jennifer loves to connect with agents around the country and see the homes in their areas. While others may see Snapchat as a communication barrier between them and their children, Jennifer uses this fun techie tool to connect with her son, Aidan, who struggles with social connections and interactions. Follow Jennifer on Snapchat @azjenngo


Michael Meier SnapcodeMichael Meier

Spreading a wealth of knowledge through Snapchat, Michael Meier — licensed real estate broker and owner of luxury Manhattan boutique real estate firm MEIER Real Estate — pulls from over a decade of experience to give agents the opportunity to get unparalleled insight into the world of a top-producing real estate broker in New York City. Both new and experienced agents eager to expand their skill-sets and stand out from the crowd can look forward to daily motivation, weekly #snapucation, on-the-job lessons and more.  Michael encourages agents to build their business through innovative marketing strategies to help generate new leads and foster long-term relationships. With the raw, quick and unedited nature of live video streaming, viewers get the benefit of honing in on the message in a relatable and personable way. Follow Michael on Snapchat @MichaelMeierNYC

Sonia E Figueroa SnapchatSonia E Figueroa

Sonia E Figueroa believes Snapchat is a game changer. We all have a story to tell and her story is about hustle, passion & living life like if you were going to die tomorrow. Seriously life is short so why not share it with strangers that will become your confidants, friends, BFF’s and mentees. Snapchat is all about the engagement and created relationships with like-minded people. Sonia says that real estate can be a “cut throat” business but it shouldn’t be! After living and breathing real estate for the last 12 years, she encourages all to just do YOU! Be Real. Authentic & Raw that’s how she rolls. If you love what you do and do what you love people will gravitate to you. So let’s do this! Sizzle and Seize the day with Snap. What’s YOUR story? Share it with Sonia! Follow Sonia @soniafigueroaRE

Dustin Brohm SnapchatDustin Brohm

Dustin Brohm is a top Salt Lake City Realtor, Snapchat marketing master, smart home expert, entrepreneur & Founder of – a website for home buyers and sellers in Salt Lake. He also hosts a new web show, Salt Lake Insider. Dustin is an expert on using the newest technology to have the most effective real estate marketing possible for his clients. Dustin calls himself a “professional tourist”, who loves spending time with his family and traveling. Dustin is extremely passionate about real estate and social media, and it shows. However he is still laid back and loves to joke around. It’s easy to see why he has quickly become the go-to authority on Salt Lake City Homes For Sale. Check out his blog and featured Inman news article on Snapchat: and Follow Dustin on Snapchat @dustinbrohm


Kala Laos SnapcodeKala Laos

You may be thinking, I can’t believe she added herself to the list! Teeheehee, but yes I did. Although it wasn’t my idea! Writing this list and acknowledging the top 10 snappers was the idea of Micah Horner, the founder of emerging marketing firm Give Grow Social, snapping out of Kansas City, Mo. Follow Micah for brilliant marketing insights @micahdhorner. Anyway, he gave me permission to be awesome and include myself on the list. I snap the scenes to my life as a real estate broker and owner of a real estate company with close to 200 agents. Follow me on Snapchat @kalalaos

Shannon Milligan SnapchatShannon Milligan 

Shannon Milligan is a must follow not only because she’s a prominent broker in Richmond, VA, but because her passion for real estate oozes outta her. Shannon was an early adopter of Snapchat in her market area and uses this powerful platform to build her business and create a better life for her family. She’s a loving mother, who shares the trials and triumphs of being a Momprenuer in an informative, yet personal way. Shannon’s whitty snaps are loaded with behind the scenes of being a top producing real estate broker! Follow Shannon on Snapchat @RVAhometeam

Adam Kresch SnapchatAdam Kresch 

Adam Kresch is the chief operating officer for Atlantis Mortgage in West Bloomfield, Michigan, but don’t let that fancy title throw you off: Adam is a adoring family man at heart. He makes being single dad and running a successful business look easy and uses snapchat to educate us on the constantly changing mortgage business. What’s most endearing about Adam is watching the shenanigans of him being a single dad to the most adorable four year old son. And when you watch his snapstory you may see his collection of over 125 pairs of Nikes! Can I get a what, what!!! Follow Adam on Snapchat @adamkresch

Chelsea Peitz SnapcodeChelsea Peitz

As the director of marketing at a title company in Tempe, Arizona, Chelsea Peitz uses snapchat to educate you on why and how to use Snapchat effectively. Chelsea’s snapstyle is unlike anything I’ve seen: highly entertaining and extremely valuable content. Her snaps will make you smile and think, how the heck did she think of that! On a recent snapstory, Chelsea explains that Snapchat is the ultimate content creating platform with 65% of users creating new content every single day. This gal is a must follow to get your creative juices flowing! Follow Chelsea @chelsea.peitz

Jason Frazier SnapcodeJason C Frazier

Jason C Frazier is a former techie from Silicon Valley & San Francisco firms, who now brings his expertise to the real estate industry. He is a strong leader who loves to collaborate and share, always wanting to pass on what he knows or give you kuddos for doing something cool. He created and leads a team of individuals focused on giving support in technology, marketing and loan processes. Jason shares marketing and technology insights and behind the scenes as a husband and father of 2. Watch Jason to stay in the know with all things tech! Follow Jason on Snapchat @RealestateCIO

Salvatore Friscia SnapchatSalvatore Friscia 

Founder of one of the most innovative property management companies in San Diego, CA, Salvatore Friscia snaps about being a successful entrepreneur. Salvatore is a known contributor to the real estate industry and his networking and business practices are  consistently featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC News and CBS Money Watch. His snaps are informative and fun, showing you the amazing lifestyle he created for himself in sunny San Diego. Find Salvatore on snapchat @sjfriscia

Other stuff about snapchat…

Who put Miracle Grow on Snapchat

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform, recently surpassing Twitter with 140 million daily users. What’s even more fascinating is that this platform is just 4 years young and grew from 90 million daily users to it’s current usage since December, 2015. If you’re like me, this information will pique your curiosity and make you wonder how you should use Snapchat in your business.

The 411 on Snapchat

Snapchat is a millennial driven platform. It’s ridiculously fun and highly entertaining. The premise is to connect and inspire with other “Snappers” that you know or share the same interests as you.

I thought Snapchat was for inappropriate behavior

The platform originated as a way to send messages that would disappear once opened. Initially Snapchat got a bad rap, becoming infamous for sexting inappropriate images. I personally have not experienced anything inappropriate on Snapchat. As with all social media, trolls and weirdos are out there and you could get a little more than you bargained for. Snap carefully.

Easiest way to figure out How to Use Snapchat

Snapchat can be a little intimidating to new users—and no, it’s not just an age thing. I consider myself tech savvy and spent several hours learning the app and I’m still learning. I did this the good old fashioned 2000 and late way: Google and YouTube. 

Be prepared to invest some time learning how to swipe, pin emoticons, add text, filters, music and more. The reason snapchat is so addicting is because it’s actually FUN! So have fun, be creative and jazzup those snaps.

What’s a Ghostcode

Each user has a unique Ghostcode, which is the yellow box, with black dots and white ghost icon in the middle. From within the Snapchat app you add your picture, thus replacing the ghost with you. The premise is similar to a QR code. Each user gets their unique username and code, which is unpublished, so only those with your code can find you. You can also scan the Ghostcode to add new friends from within the app.

WTH is a Snap or Snapstory 

Snaps are either pictures or 10 second video clips. You can use a fun filter, add text, emoticons, music, and more. You can send these snaps to one or more of your followers. Once the snap is viewed, it ghosts—-disappears.

Snapchat allows you to add your snaps to your story. Your story is a timeline of the past 24 hours of your snaps. After 24 hours your snaps ghost. If you made a story that’s especially cool, you can download it to your camera roll and share on other social media platforms.

Help! My kids are pissed I’m on Snapchat

This may be a side effect of you using snapchat, especially if your kiddos are under 18. They loved having this social network all to themselves and may be a little uncomfortable seeing you with a dog filter on. If these insecurities arise, remind them that just like them, you were created to shine!

Why use Snapchat

I love reality TV because it’s a little less scripted and, dare I say, real. Giving other’s a sneak peek into who you are builds likability and trust, which are usually the most powerful reasons your clients do business with you. And, when you share good content that is beneficially to others, they will see you as the authority in real estate sales.

For me, Snapchat helps me stay accountable to my goals. My snaps are  for me! Yes, I offer them up for your viewing pleasure but ultimately I’m using this platform for me. I live a highly productive lifestyle and taking quick snippets of my day provides me and you, with a documented behind the scenes look at my life.